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Drive & Learn
  A Funtastic way for kids to learn their shapes, colors and colors + shapes together.  For the iPad 2 & 3.  



AAC-Scroll & Speak Reviews

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Emerald Coast Autism Center - Florida, said:

Chelsi Chilcott, Speech-Language Pathologist -  "I just wanted to say how great I think the apps are! In our we need the ability to enter several users which this allows. I really like the visual schedules (Time This!) and they work great for all different level learners. (AAC Scroll & Speak) - The sentence builder is also fantastic especially for our higher level learners who are learning semantics and syntax. Thanks for developing such great and affordable apps!"

Resource Therapy Center - Houston, Tx said:

  "Time This! & AAC Scroll & Speak are two of the best apps we have purchased for our Speech Pathology practice yet.  The visual schedule app, Time This! is fantastic for keeping our kids on track.  It's so easy, even our youngest toddlers can set it up themselves and follow it independently.  Your AAC Scroll & Speak is precisely what we have been looking for!  The ease in programming is phenomenal, and instructing our clients how to use it takes no time at all----this is the first AAC app or stand alone device that we have seen that can do this.  We love your products!"  

GIVEN 5 OUT OF 5 APPLES RATING By Apps for Homeschooling's Special Needs Review Section

"I’ve seen apps designed just to train children to use an AAC, and I’m happy to say that no previous training is needed with Scroll and Speak.  The app is easy to customize, gives your child easy access to their most commonly used words/phrases/custom lists etc.  This is a well-designed tool that you can just jump into and use right away."
"If your child has difficulties communicating verbally and you are looking for a simple, easy-to-use and customize AAC, AAC – Scroll and Speak is an excellent choice with virtually no learning curve that won’t break the bank." 
     By Apps for Homeschooling

iTunes Review:  SO Easy to Use! - ★★★★★  by - Version 1.1 - Dec 16, 2011

"What We Liked: The creators of this patent-pending app set out to create an easy to use AAC that wouldn’t take a lot of training to use or have much of a learning curve. I can confidently say that they have succeeded.  ". . . when my five-year-old saw me exploring the sentence builder, she wanted to give it a try. Now, she can’t read yet, but she could use the visual images to make lists of items she likes to eat and have the voice read it to her. It is super-simple to use, even with no prior AAC experience. The design is fairly neutral so it can be used across a wide range of ages without any feelings of the app being too babyish, too old etc."

iTunes Review:   Finally an AAC that rocks! - ★★★★★ by Kenneth N.P. - Version 1.1 - Dec 27, 2011  
 "Finally an AAC that rocks! . . . As manager of a private speech pathology office, I review all apps before they go on our iPads so that we get the most for our money and our clients get the best apps to use.  This app will be going on all of our iPads . . . This company's time schedule app is a home-run too for those of you with clients who have Autism.  Guess what my therapists are getting in their iPad stockings? . . . I'm so glad I hit buy for this one."  Kenneth N.P. - iTunes Customer  

Time This! - User Reviews.

Welcome to Their World apps review

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iTunes Review:  Unrivaled -  ★★★★★  - Exigency 1.0 - Jan. 12, 2012

"I have to say, WOW!  This app is unrivaled.  It functions exactly the way it's described plus so much more.  I have a son with a diagnosis of Autism and we use this app for his therapy sessions.  It's so simple to use that he has become even more active in the therapy process because he gets to be in control of the timers as we switch from one task to the next.  Now I no longer have to fight with him . . .  plus my wife uses the multi-timers when she is baking her breads.  Love it!  Thanks so much.
by Exigency - iTunes customer

iTunes Review:  Simple and very useful app - ★★★★ by - Robert Williamson Version 1.0 - Nov 18, 2011

". . . I'd recommend teachers, parents, job coaches and anyone else working with people with Autism to purchase and use this app.  The learning curve is under 10 minutes.  It accomplishes a way to implement the research based "finished concept" in an easy and functional way.  A must have for those
supporting people with autism . . . nice job!"  Robert Williamson - iTunes Customer