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Q:  How do I save pictures from the internet to use in Time This! and AAC Scroll & Speak.

A:  It's not as hard as you think.  Once you do it a few times, it will become as "easy as pie".  Now you've opened up your Time This! & AAC - Scroll & Speak to thousands and thousands of pictures.

Option #1

With your iPad, you can take a picture of anything on your screen with a two-touch process.

1.  First, hold down the power-off button at the top of the iPad.

2.  Now, be quick.  Touch the round button on the iPad, as though you were shutting down a game.

3.  You will see the camera flash.  Now the picture is in your iPad library.

4.  With the new camera editing tools, just crop the picture anyway you want.  

Option #2

1.   With Google & Yahoo images, place your cursor over the image and it will enlarge, and then right click on the picture.

Sometimes you may have to click on the picture first, which will take you to another section of Google or Yahoo images before you can "right click" on the picture you want.  

2.  A dialog box will appear - select "Save image as"
    Make sure the image is a "jpeg".  

3.  Another dialog box will appear that will let you name the picture and decide where you want to put it.  Be sure to put it in a place that you will remember.
*A good idea is to make a folder on your desktop, or to save it directly to your photo program itself.  

4.  Open up your photo program (iPhoto for Mac and Microsoft Photo Gallery for PC)

5.  With a PC, you can drag and drop the picture into your photo gallery.  With iPhoto for Mac, you will go File and then click on Import - now select the picture you want to import.

6.  Open up iTunes.

7.  On the left, under the heading Devices, choose your iPad.

8.  Now, on the main-screen at the top, below the Apple logo, click on Photos.  

9.  It will now say to Synch Photos from:   iPhoto, Pictures, or Choose a Folder.

10.  Pick the area that you put the pictures in.  
 *If you created a folder on your desktop, choose "Choose a Folder"
 *If you put photos in iPhoto, choose that option.
 *If you put photos in Microsoft Photo Gallery, Choose "Pictures"

10.  All you have to do now is choose your pictures.  

11.  At the bottom of iTunes, in the right hand corner, you have two options.
DO NOT PUSH "REVERT" - This will reset your iPad back to its original factory settings.  Again, DO NOT PUSH "REVERT".


12.  Now your pictures are in your iPad's photo library to use as you please.  

13.  Please respect Copyrights.  There are thousands, upon thousands, upon thousands of free pictures out there to use.  

Let your apps, Time This! and AAC - Scroll & Speak work for you, so that you get the most out of your apps without it draining your wallet and purse.