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 Time This!
      A Visual Schedule-Timer app 

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Let's get started!

The great thing about Time This! is that you can use it for just one person or for many.  

For moms and dads / adult users - Go ahead and take a picture of your child or yourself.

For therapists, teachers, psychologists and other professionals who have multiple students and clients, go ahead and take pictures of everyone.  

You can use the photo option in the app itself, or use the iPad's camera.  Either way, you have easy access to all of your pictures when creating a User.

*Helpful hint #1:

For single users, create a User for each of your needs:

   1.  School

   2.  Work

  3.  Assignments

   4.  Morning and evening things to do:  Getting up, brushing 
     your teeth, washing your face, getting dressed, lunchtime,   
     break time, etc.

*Helpful hint #2:

For everyone:

1.  Create your own folders for your specific needs.

      - School

      - Home

      - Mealtimes 

      - Break time

      - Morning and Evening things to do (Getting up - or - Going  
     to bed).

      - Going to Grandma's/Grandpa's house or another relative  
     or friend.

2.  Take Pictures of any and everything.  This is the same concept that we used to use with PECS pictures.  But now, instead of cutting, laminating and using endless reams of velcro, all you have to do is snap a picture.

      The number and types of pictures you can use are endless.
      - Use the pictures pre-loaded into the app.

      - Use pictures already in your photo library.

      - Take pictures with the photo function in the Time This! app  
     or with the iPad's camera.

      - Save money by using pictures that you have bought for  
     other apps.

      - Google and Yahoo both have thousands and thousands of  
     pictures in their photo libraries that you can download and  
     use, which is another way to keep more money in your  

        If you are unsure how to download images from these sources and put on your computer (iTunes) and then transfer to your iPad, don't worry - just click here -Technology - Help! 

Now that you've created custom folders and have your pictures put in them, create schedules for each of your users - or if there is only one user, create schedules for yourself.

Once you have created a schedule, you hit "Save".  You will then go back to the user list, and then you touch on the name of the schedule you created.

Why do I have to go back first, you ask? Time This! is very easy to use, but the programming behind it is very complex.  This is the apps way of making sure to "Save" your schedule properly. 
This is only needed when you create a schedule the first time.  

*Helpful Hint #3.

   1.  Once you create a schedule and go to it, you can add and   
      delete pictures to it to fit your need at that time.  

      - Just click on add activities, and your folders (and  
       pictures inside) are available to you.

      - Activities on the left can be arranged in any order, or put  
       in the trashcan to make room for new activities.

      - Remember, with saved schedules, when you  
       add/delete/move them during this time, it is only  
       temporary. Your original schedule will be there when  
       you come back next time.

      - To make permanent changes, use the edit function on the

*Helpful Hint #4

Time This! is extremely flexible to fit your needs.  Here are some other ways we use Time This! in our therapies (and at home with our own children).

Teachers and therapists -   The Big Clock can run simultaneously with a user's schedule.

 Let's say If a client/student has a 30 minute block of time, and has 3 activities to perform within that time.
Set the Big Clock for 30 minutes and time each activity within their schedule for 10 minutes.


This is great for workstations and teaching, not just independent work skills, but time management also.
This is a perfect way to get our older users "Job Ready" in real world - and to teach our younger users early on.

Helpful Hint #5.

Be creative - Use Time This! as a Choice-Board.

1.  For mealtimes/games/activities - Go ahead and take/download  
   pictures of pizza, macaroni & cheese, balls, playground, etc.

2.  Go to a list and then put all of the pictures in that schedule in  
    the trashcan (remember, it is only temporary).

3.  Put the pictures of the food/games/activities, that you want  
   the user to choose from.  

4.  Don't forget - you can use the schedule horizontally or  

Now, you've just created a Choice-Board in under a minute - Something that is impossible using velcro-pictures.   

5.  Teachers and Therapists - Lunchtime at schools can be very  
   frustrating when it comes to giving your students a choice in  
   the foods they want.  

   Simply take a few quick pictures, or use the ones you already  
   have and now the student is in control of what they want to  

For step-by-step instructions, please go to the help section on the app, which will walk you through any area.

Please check back soon, as we will have even more great suggestions for activities that we use in our own therapies with Time This!

Remember, we are always available to answer your questions by email or phone.
We are here to help you!