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Time This!

A Visual Schedule-Timer app for iPad

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An absolute must have for those with Autism (ASD), ADD/ADHD, Transition and Organization issues - Also great for teaching ANY child or young adult time management skills.    

Time This! allows you to create multiple  custom schedules for 1 user or for many users.


Vertical or Horizontal
You Choose!

No need to spend more money on a  Choice Board app.  Arrange your pictures vertically or horizontally and use it as a choice board with your own pictures. 

And with the touch of a finger, add or delete pictures, and arrange them in any order you want.  Start and stop your timers whenever you want.

Choose Your Timer Style
Hourglass - Digital - Traditional Clock


Record a word, phrase or sentence for each picture - "Time to play Legos!" "Reading Time"  "It's time for free play, and then we'll work some more."  

Record anything you want, including the alarm sound when the timer is up.  We like to use "All done with that, now on to the next one."


Time This! also has a Big Clock which can be a traditional clock, a digital readout or hourglass look.  

The great thing about the Big Clock is that, say for instance, you want to time an activity for one hour, or three or four, and you have multiple activities to do within that time frame.  You can operate the user's schedules at the same time.  This is perfect for workstations in a school setting when you are teaching a student to work independently, or teaching time management skills.