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Trouble Shooting

The iPad is a wonderful and great tool to use.  Though due to it's memory size, occasionally an issue may arise in high-powered apps that use lots of memory.  The great news is that it is easily fixed, and you can get right back to using the app just the way you want to.

To keep all of your apps running smoothly, occasionally clear all of the programs you have running in background.  What this means is that, even when you are not using that program, it is still using your iPad's memory that can be used for other programs.

1.  Simply tap the round button on the side of the iPad   

2.  All of your programs running in the background 
   will be shown in a small window below.

3.  Touch and hold one of them, and then they will all 
   start to wiggle.

4.  Touch the (-) minus sign to stop them from running
    in the background.  Don't worry, you are not
                          deleting the programs, only stopping them from 
                          using memory that other programs need to run

Time This! is a fantastic, one of a kind Visual Scheduler-Timer App.  Though simple in design for the user, behind the scenes is a powerhouse set of programming tools fueling it.  

Frequently asked questions.

Q:    "I don't hear my alarm."

A:    1.  The iPad has two volume settings - regular volume and volume for 
        alerts and notifications.  Make sure that both alarms are up.
      2.  As stated above, occasionally you may have many programs running in  
        the background sapping memory you need for your programs to 
        run efficiently.  Follow the steps above and free up memory.  All of your
        programs will run better - just typical maintenance for the iPad is all.

Q:    "I just saved my pictures, but only half of them are showing; or they are not 
       all there."

A:    1.  Again, don't worry.  It is just the app's way of saying that it needs more
        memory from the iPad.  Simply exit the program, and then double tap the  
        side button on the iPad and stop Time This! from running.  Restart the  
        program and you are ready to go - all of your pictures will now be where 
        they should be.